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SQDC Short on Stock, Already?

SQDC out of stock

SQDC Cannabis Shortage

As we all know it, cannabis is legal since October 17th 2018. Although, here’s something not everyone knows! Marijuana was suppose to be legalized in 2017, but Quebec asked to have more time, and Canada granted it.

Somehow the SQDC are already short on products. Yes you read correctly! It only took one week to empty the stores and supplies. What’s going on Quebec?

Why Quebec why

Now obviously due to supply shortage, they were obliged to cut down opening hours by nearly half. Which means, all the stores across the province will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and open Friday to Sunday.

 SQDC did mention that these new opening hours are only until a stable supply of the products is available. SQDC also said on social media “ We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. We believe that we can serve our customers better by concentrating our business over four days.’’

SQDC post out of stock


After a week of legalizing marijuana, the SQDC are already short on 24 out of 34 products. Most stores don’t have more than three products available, despite that customers are still waiting hours to get in the stores.

Hells Angels makes the Government an offer…

Hells Angel heard of this news, and took advantage to help. About a dozen of the motor members went to the Montreal SQDC office store to meet with the media the same morning they published lack of stock. They offered to supply their products to them until they can get back on their feet.

Now of course, the offer got refused! You can read more about the Hells Angel offer Here

Here’s what concerns me! Quebec didn’t want to make it legal since the beginning, because it’s a federal law, they had no choice and asked the country to get more time, Canada was nice enough to prolong it. Is everything they are doing today is out of spite? Or manipulation? Who knows!

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