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Gift Ideas for Cannabis Lovers

In this installment of gift ideas, we are looking at some different and unique stocking stuffers. These gifts are small and practical, making them ideal options for any pot lover on your list. We know how stressful it can be to shop for loved ones over the holidays. We hope you find these ideas helpful in creating the perfect gift.

Raw Hemp Wick

This all natural beeswax hemp wick is perfect for lighting your joints and bowls. It’s made of 100% organic hemp fibers as well as 100% organic bees wax. It’s 100 feet long and also water resistant. By lighting your bowls and joints with this organic wick, it allows you to truly taste all the flavors of your herb, rather then the chemical taste of butane.

Raw Hemp Wick Ball | 100ft | 

The Goldleaf Cannabis Taster Journal

This journal is actually pretty unique, I’ve never thought nor seen anything like this. This handy journal is perfect for anyone that wants to journal or log their cannabis experiences. With 24 full spread guided entry pages, helpful flavor & terpene info graphics, purveyor section to note and rank dispensaries. You can also track all the strains you have tried. This clean and scientific looking pocket sized journal was developed by budtenders and industry connoisseurs. This journal also comes in Grow Planner and Patient Journal formats.

A Recreational Tasting Journal for Cannabis Enthusiasts 
$ 61.60

The Toker Poker

The Toker Poker is probably the greatest gift on this list of stocking stuffers. It’s perfect for anyone that mokes a pipe or bong on a regular basis. The Toker poker features several tools within its sleek design. To start, it features a fold in stainless steel poker. Second, it holds 5 feet of hemp wick, as well as a stainless steel tamper to pack in your herb for a nice hit. Not to mention, the Toker Poker comes in a large variety of colors making it a great and personalized stocking stuffer.

Toker Poker Black |$15.21

We hope that this selection of stocking stuffers help you in your quest to find the perfect gift. Don’t forget to check out our previous gift idea articles on pipes, stash boxes and rolling papers.

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