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Celebrities Caught With Marijuana

Many celebrities have been open about their drug usage. Most don’t even hide it. Take the famous Snoop Dogg for example, it’s widely known that he smokes marijuana all the time and is very passionate about cannabis.

Celebrities are no exception, if they’re intoxicated or have any drugs on them, they have consequences. Here are some celebrities that you might be a fan of that got busted.

Paul McCartney

The famous founding member of The Beatles was arrested in 1980. Paul McCartney got caught in Tokyo airport with half a pound of marijuana. In addition, he even admitted that he brought it along because drugs in Japan are a big no-no. Talk about courage! Therefore, he was imprisoned for nine days and was almost sentenced to seven years in jail. Sadly for him, he also got deported from the country.

Paul McCartney is released from a Tokyo jail and deported from Japan.

Carlos Santana

In 1991, while Carlos Santana was still on probation. He tried to slide five grams of marijuana through Houston airport. Moreover, police made him a deal to sing at an anti-drug rally instead of going to jail.

Carlos Santana busted on drug charge.

Paris Hilton

In 2010, Paris Hilton went to South Africa to watch the World Cup Match and was allegedly smoking marijuana during the match. Therefore, police questionned her and arrested her. Although, a South African judge dropped all charges.

Paris Hilton arrested for ‘smoking marijuana’ during Brazil Holland game.

Keith Cozart AKA Chief Keef

Chief Keef, Chicago’s rapper was caught in 2017, at Sioux City Regional Airport in South Dakota. Security searched his bags then found marijuana and paraphernalia. Due to, the rapper was shipped off to Minnehaha County jail without bail.

Chicago rapper Chief Keef arrested in Sioux Falls.

Whitney Houston

Famous Whitney Houston is one of the celebrities who got away. She was caught back in 2000, at Keahole-Kona International Airport in Hawaii. She had 15 grams of marijuana in her bag. Although airport officials detained her, she was able to walk to her private jet and take off. Therefore, she was already gone by the time the police showed up.

Whitney Houston reportedly escapes drug arrest in Hawaii.

Snoop Dogg

In 2012, Snoop Dogg was caught in Norway airport with eight grams of marijuana. Unfortunately, he was banned from entering Norway for two years. The same year, Snoop was also caught in Texas. He was faced with a minor drug charge after border agents found several joints in his tour bus.

Snoop Dogg gets banned from Norway.

Also, if you know more stories about busted celebrities, don’t hesitate to share in the comments below.

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