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If you haven’t read my article on my experience with the SQDC, I suggest you read it now, to put everything into perspective. In short, I decided to order some legal cannabis from the SQDC on Christmas Eve. In today’s mail, I got a special knock at the door. Mailman asked me to show ID, and “sign here please”, then handed me a plastic-wrapped parcel. In other words, package received.

As mentioned above, I placed my order for cannabis on Dec 24th, Christmas Eve. My order arrived on Dec 28th. Four days later! With Christmas in between! I was astonished. After opening the parcel, believe it or not, I pulled out some bubble wrap, I saw two beautiful boxes of cannabis. Take a look at my first legal cannabis unboxing below.

The Unboxing

Helios by Hexo Corp.

First, I opened the Helios, from HEXO Corp. I ripped off the seal and took a first look at my cannabis. The first thing I noticed was that the container was pretty big for only 3.5 grams. Second, the weed itself looked pretty dry as I was able to see small accumulations of crumbled weed on the sides of the container. I noticed on the box’s label that it had been packaged on Nov 15th, 2018. Only a few nice nugs were present. Upon closer look at the bigger buds, I saw all the little crystals and hairs on the bud. It looked beautiful.

Banana Split by Aurora


Next, I opened the Banana Split, from Aurora. The container was a little bit more proportionate with the contents inside. I peeled off the seal and took a first look at the weed. It looked fantastic! It looked equally dry as the Helios. The first bud I picked up and applied some pressure, kind of crunched between my fingers. The coloration on this bud was beautiful. You can see the hints purple on the bud’s tips. Take a look at the photo gallery below for a closer look at the packaging and the bud’s themselves.

In conclusion, my overall experience with the SQDC was very pleasant. The ordering process was quick and easy, and my order arrived very quickly. While there was not much variety to pick from, I feel my selections were just what I was looking for. The only thing that was disappointing, the dryness of the weed.

Stay tuned for an in-depth review of both strains coming soon!

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