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Helios Review

As most of you may already know, I recently purchased some cannabis from the SQDC. In this article I will be doing a quick Helios review, talking about my first impressions and experience while smoking this strand of cannabis.

Helios Information

Helios is a Sativa dominant strain. It’s a variant of Maui Wowie with its sweet and spicy aromas. The strain, a native of Hawaii, offers notes of melons and pineapple. This Sativa strain, in dried flower form, has a medium THC content and contains no CBD. It may give the impression of stimulating certain cognitive functions, including creativity and increasing energy levels. It may also increase the desire to be around others.

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Helios Review

At first glance, Helios is light green with lots of orange hairs and a heavy dusting of trichomes. The aroma is spot on as advised, with its tropical sweet smell.

My first hit of Helios was from a bong. I loved how smooth it was and could instantly taste its tropical sweetness with a second after-note of spice. Later on in the day, I decided to roll myself a small joint from the Helios. Nothing really big, I was just going to take the dog out for a quick walk around the neighbourhood. I wanted to see if I could get a different flavour profile this time around.

My first pull gave me the feel of being at a tropical vacation destination. The sweetness from this strain is great. Not to mention, the smoothness is fantastic and not harsh on the throat and lungs. About halfway through the joint, I could really feel the effects. I felt slightly more energized than before. The buzz was pretty mellow and not overpowering. Overall, a great daytime strain.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the Helios. I’ve been smoking it for a day or two now, during the day, and it keeps me pretty energized. In short, Helios is a great everyday weed that will not get you too buzzed and not able to function. At a price of 20$ for 3.5 grams, you can’t go wrong.

You can read all about my experience purchasing and check out the unboxing in the previous article. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Helios review. 

Have you tried Helios before? Leave your comments and experiences below!

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