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How-to Clean your Pipe

You’re sitting somewhere with a packed pipe, trying to light it and it won’t pull. We’ve all been there! Seems it might be time to clean your pipe. Follow this guide and you can have a super clean pipe, practically over-night.

Take a look at my pipe below. Yes, you can say “look at all the colors” but it’s also pretty dirty. It’s clogged, all gunked up, and has accumulated a lot of resin in the bowl piece.

Glass Pipe, Dirty Glass Pipe

What you need

Rubbing alcohol, the stronger the better

Course salt or any course material such as sand will do

2 – 3 zip seal bags

A container

Cleaning Steps

Take a look at the short video below for the full process.

1 -Rinse your piece thoroughly under hot water. The hottest you can handle. This will help soften all the oils and gunk that has accumulated over time.

2 -Take your piece and put it in a zip-seal bag. Double or triple bag it if you need to. Trust me it’s less messy.

3 -Throw in some coarse salt or any course material. This will act as a scrubber and help scrub the glass.

4 -Pour enough alcohol to cover your pipe. Make sure your pipe is fully submerged.

5 -Shake! Shake the bag rigorously. Shake enough so that you’re ensured the salt and alcohol have penetrated everywhere.

6 -Place the bag in the plastic container and leave for a few hours or over-night.

Using multiple bags will ensure the alcohol stays within the bag. With all the shaking there is a possibility of the bag tearing. The container acts as insurance.

7 -Rinse over hot/warm water thoroughly.

8 -Scrub off any remaining gunk. At this point, it should come off pretty easily. Use a toothpick to get to all the hard to reach areas and keep rinsing.

9 -Repeat if necessary.

10 -Pack yourself a fresh bowl and take a hit from your clean pipe.

Take a look at the before and after photo below. Notice the difference?

DirtyPipe_Before AND After

In short, this is a pretty easy way to clean your pipe using common household items. Do you have any tips or tricks on how to clean your pipe? Leave your comments in the section below.

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