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How-to Clean a Bong

Just like any other smoking accessory, your bong gets some good use. That being said, over time you may run into some issues and the piece needs a good cleaning. Follow these quick steps on how to clean your bong.

What you need

Rubbing Alcohol

Course Salt

2-3 Zip-Seal Bags



Cleaning Steps

1 – Empty the bong water and give your bong a good rinse with warm water.

2 – Dismantle your bong into pieces. Put the bowl and downstem in separate zip-seal bags, add the alcohol as well as the salt. Then close the bags, agitate, put into the container and set aside.

3 – Pour enough alcohol in your bong. About half a cup should do, depending on the size of your bong.

4 – Add the salt (feel free to add as much as you want)

5 – Close off the holes with a cloth and/or plastic bag.

6 – Shake, swirl and agitate. Try to get the salt and alcohol all over the inside of the bong. Focus on the dirtiest areas until satisfied.

7 – Once satisfied, dump the alcohol and salt mixture and rinse with warm/hot water.

8 – Next, take out the extra pieces (downstem, bowl) from the bags and rinse under warm/hot water.

9 – Reassemble your bong and fill with water.

10 – Finally, pack a bowl and enjoy your clean bong.

Take a look at the video below for the entire process.

Change your bong water at least once a day. The more you change the water, the less you’ll have to clean the bong with alcohol or chemicals.

Notice the difference?

In conclusion, having a clean bong makes smoking that much more enjoyable. In other words, make sure to do this every once in a while to keep your bong in tip top shape and clean. No one likes smoking out of a dirty bong.

Send us your before and after shots of your bong!

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