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How Can I Get a Bargain on Weed In Canada?

Greetings mates! Weed is legal and it’s been a few months. Shops ran by the government are out-of-stock for the most part. They also seem a bit over priced. This gave me no choice but to begin my hunt on how I can buy discounted legal weed. The answer is! Order cannabis from the Internet.

Ill start from the best thing about ordering weed online and get to the worst.

Pro’s about online weed shops?

Don’t worry, ill tell you all about how to get weed in Canada at a bargain!

I have discovered that online pot shops have more stock then the government run shops. Funny how that works. Quebec’s SQDC, Ontario’s OCS and other provinces of Canada seem to mostly be out-of-stock. I sense something fishy with how provincial shops are ran and how they order their stocks but that’s a topic for an other day.

Second thing I noticed is that the price of marijuana in these Canadian stores are cheaper then government run shops. Interesting right? Who doesn’t like to save money when buying weed online. Please don’t take my word for it. Let’s go take a look and see what we can find. . .

Let’s take a fairly known strain, a hybrid called Girl Scout Cookies aka GSC. Calrifornia’s own earthy, sweet tasting and sexy purple leaves. GSC Strain is a mix of the good’ol OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid. It delivers a good body buzz and a fantastic feeling of relaxation. Its level of THC is rated high, to the point that it has won Cannabis Cup awards many times. Alright, enough about the bud… let’s talk numbers. But wait! Before we move forward let me show you what this gorgeous plant looks like.

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How Much Am I Saving on GetKush

I will compare prices from Ontario Cannabis Store OCS and GetKush Online Cannabis Shop

To get yourself an ounce(28 grams) of GSC, it will cost you 226$ Canadian. That’s absurd!

Let’s look at To buy one ounce of Girl Scout Cookies it will cost you 190$. That means you save 17.3% versus the cost of Ontario’s OSC.

More weed for less? YES PLEASE!

Shipping? Don’t worry no one will know what’s in the box

The shipping is great. The package does not smell and it doesn’t have any label indicating that it’s cannabis ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (insert Charlie Sheen #Winning Emoji)

Very important to note that the packaging makes sense. Unlike the way that government ships those large containers that have almost no weed in it. It reminds me of a bag of chips, a total waist of space and material! Anyways, all that say getkush has good packaging.



I am joking. Depending on how you see it, there is one “bad” thing. They will ask you to provide photo ID. That is no different then when you walk into a Liquor store or a bar. They’re just following a procedure.

#StayHIGH, #BuyWeedOnline & see you next time. . .  oke luv u, Bye!

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