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MassRoots : The Biggest Cannabis Social Media Platform

Have you heard about MassRoots? Are you a pot smoker? If you’re a person who is passionate about weed, you should know about MassRoots! It’s considered one of the biggest social media platform for pot smokers.

Their headquarters is situated in Denver, Colorado. It’s a free app you can download via Google Play or the App Store. It’s only available for the states where cannabis is legal and Canada.

About MassRoots

MassRoots started with two college friends having a simple conversation back in 2013. They realized that no one was sharing posts about cannabis on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. CEO Isaac Dietrich, a 23 year-old Tech Titan, decided to create a platform where that experience was shared. So, in order to get MassRoots on the ground, he had to max out his credit card by $17,000.

We wanted to create a semi-anonymous environment where people would feel comfortable sharing this aspect of their lives.

– Isaac Dietric

Today, MassRoots social media platform has over one million users sharing their experience about marijuana, reviewing and rating thousands of cannabis products. As well as, they have a reward program called WeedPass™, where users can earn tickets to sporting events, concerts, festivals and movies by shopping at participating dispensaries in their local area. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Canada.

MassRoots Stock

This comes to me by surprise, that Massroots is traded publicly! Their stock symbol is $MSRT. They have 166 shares available for a final market capitalization of 10 Million US Dollars.

Its price is down by 84% in the past 52-weeks. I see a similarity with the price decline of Bitcoin and MSRT stock. Bitcoin is down roughly the same percentage in the past year. MRST chart looks like it has found a bottom, see for yourself below.

Personally, I suggest to download MassRoots and share your experience, if you’re passionate about weed. Don’t forget to follow us if you end up creating an account.

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