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Ontario Cannabis Shops Set To Open In April. . . But Who Wants To Wait?

The province of Ontario has promised brick and mortar cannabis shops to open in April 2019. Seems that they’re keeping their promise as the first cannabis shops are starting to pop up around Ottawa, Ontario.

Superette Ottawa Location

If you live in Ottawa, or to be more specific, Wellington West Village, you may have noticed a new storefront. Located at 1306 Wellington St. West, Superette is hoping to open one of the first cannabis shops in Ottawa.

This Superette location is reported to resemble a “high-end retail” boutique, describes the Superette landlord. His company was able to extract premium rent from Superette Inc. for a five-year lease on the 3,371-square-foot space on the ground floor.

This sounds great! But, do you want to wait till April to buy weed?

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