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Is Your Weed Dry? No Problem I Have A Solution For You

What Can I Do If My Weed Is Dry?

Having dry weed sucks! So, this started happening to me when I ordered cannabis from the SQDC. I was really surprised to open my package and find very dry weed.

I wasn’t planning on sending it back. And then I decided to do a bit of research about what can I do about dry weed. I found a solution and it works!

A Little Story About No More Rolling-Papers

I am sure this has happened to a good part of you.

You all have been excited waiting for your weed delivery. One nice day, you get home from work and find a lovely package waiting for you. You crack that container open, pull out some buds and grind it up. And, you go grab the pack of rolling paper. Open the pack of rolling-paper and find out you no longer have any left. “A smokers favorite thing to happen, right?”. Not sure about you, but I hate having to leave my house for something like papers! So, now what you have is yourself and the weed. Looking for a way to smoke it! I would normally grab an apple and make … wait for it! … An Apple Pipe!

How-To Make An Apple Smoking Pipe

Apple Weed Pipe

If you haven’t done that, I think you should give it a shot. It’s fun! It tastes like apple weed. Anyways, I’ll explain for those who don’t know how to do this: Get yourself a poker. Something that is not too thick but not too thin, maybe a 1/6 Inch thick poker. I normally use a souvlaki stick. So now with the souvlaki stick, make a tunnel starting from the top-ish of the apple and come out of the bottom of the other side. Grab a small spoon or knife and make a groove on the top where hole is. The groove is there to put your weed into like a bowl on a pipe or bong. You can also do this with most fruits. Be creative and have fun!


How To Re-Humidify Your Weed

How do you re-humidify your weed? You are probably wondering why  I wrote the above? Because my favorite solution so to fix my dry weed problem is an apple!

All you have to do is get an apple and grab a knife. Then, carefully shave a small piece of it. Maybe a nickle sized piece. The next part can vary depending on how much you want to re-humidify the dry cannabis. What I do is drop that piece of apple in the container for about an hour. Just make sure to remove it before the weed gets to humid! And Voila done!. I’m sure some of you are wondering if that ruins the weed. I don’t think it destroys its potency, because I still get high.

#StayHIGH #BuyWeedOnline & see you next time!

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