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When I heard that weed dispensaries are opening in Oka, Quebec. Roughly 35-45 mins drive from Montreal. I had to go check it out. Especially that the SQDC is only open four days a week and don‘t have much stock. I was curious to see if Oka had more stock.

My first stop was at The Medicine Box, I was shocked when I saw how many products and weed they have available. The team was very welcoming and knowledgeable. They‘re always busy, yet they have weed available and ready to serve you with a smile.

The Medicine Box: Weed Stock

Let‘s start with, how many different strains of marijuana they had. You can easily stand there for 20 minutes trying to decide what you want. This is where it gets interesting, their team know their products so well, that if you need a specific type of strain, they will lead you right to it. They have some Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. Their price rate is between 5$ to 14$ a gram.

For the Dab fans, they also have different kind that you can try out. For those who haven‘t tried Moon Rock yet, The Medicine Box gives you the chance to try it. They have different varieties of hash as well.

What surprised me as well, is seeing how many edibles they carry. They have cookies, gummy bears, drink mixes like koolaid style, rice krispy, cotton candy, tea and much more. Of course when it comes to edibles, you have to be careful how much you eat. The team will tell you on how much you should intake depending of your edible choosing.

Weed Products

It doesn’t end there, they have all kinds of cannabis infused products. Also, you can find bongs, pipes, grinders, vapes, scales, joints, vaporizers, even rolling papers, etc. What‘s great about this, is that you can go to The Medicine Box and have it all in one place.

Now I know there‘s a lot of Nutella lovers out there. If you are one, then you should definetly go to The Medicine Box and ask for their Chrontella.



CannaBar | 20$
CannaBar | 20$

So far, I spoke about a lot of products right? I mentioned weed, hash, dab, bongs, pipes, edibles and more. But I am not nearly done.

They also have many CBD products such as:

  • Roll-Ones
  • CBD Drops
  • CDB Cream
  • Vape pen
  • Bed Treats
  • Anxiety treatment for dogs
  • CBD Vitamins
  • RSO
  • CBD seeds, and a lot more.

As well as, THC products such as:

  • Cookies
  • Coconut infused oil
  • Chrontella
  • Phoenix Tears
  • Drink mixes 100 mg THC
  • Soda 125 mg THC
  • Bath soap
  • Grape syrup
  • THC seeds
  • Wax
  • Full spectrum sauce
  • Female orgasm pre-rub 😉
  • Moon Rock, and more.

I honestly really liked visiting their shop and enjoyed the teams spirit. They gave me a great service and even got the chance to meet with the owner; David. Very kind man, I appreciated how he took the time to speak to me. So, I did an interview with David, which you will find in another article coming soon.

I recommend to visit their shop and get amazed on how many products they have. I did speak about a lot of their products, but I could’ve went on and on for more.

If you end up going to The Medicine Box and try their products, give us your review on your visit in the comments below.

The Medicine Box interview coming soon… Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @MedicineBox1 and visit their website.

If you end up going there, say that you got referred by MJBlog and you will receive 5% off your first order. Enjoy! 😉

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