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The Medicine Box Interview

For those who don‘t know, I visited The Medicine Box in Oka, Quebec and did an article about my experience there and their products. I also mentioned that The Medicine Box interview article will be coming up. Well, here it is guys!

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Questions & Answers of The Medicine Box Interview

How Did This Business Get Started?

A few of us on The Medicine Box team have always been interested in the medicinal aspects of cannabis. A couple of us are new to the industry, but we all see huge potential. With cannabis being legal, more and more studies have been done to show the amazing medicinal benefits. We have a very personal interest to more natural remedies as our small community has been affected by a host of health issues. We also see ourselves as providing an alternative to pharmaceutical and opioid painkillers, another problem we see growing in, not only our community but the country. Over the past few years, we‘ve seen the industry develop in other native communities. We‘ve also seen the potential to bring economic prosperity and create employment in our small community. So, for us it has the potential to improve two major issues in our community health and economics.

Tell Me About Yourself

I‘m a father of three kids and grandfather of three. I‘m passionnate about weed and have been smoking for about 30 years. Before starting this business, I used to work as a community youth worker for 15 years. I believe in medicinal marijuana because it‘s been helping my son. I was in the car with my 17 years old son, suddenly he started having an epilepsy episode. It was the first time this happened, not knowing what was wrong with him, I had to rush him to the hospital. We found out it‘s epilepsy and they gave him pills. I decided to start treating him with medicinal marijuana and he started getting better. He was more energetic without the pills and having a lot less seizures. That‘s when I started getting more interesting in cannabis.


CannaBar | 20$
CannaBar | 20$

What Are The Biggest Issues For Running This Business?

Our main issue is the public opinion about the industry and their misconceptions of how we as natives do business. We are known for selling tobacco, which has obvious health implications. Now we are selling medicine essentially, I think it‘s just a question of education and being transparent about the industry. We also want to set the bar as high as possible for quality, presentation and education. But we are excited to be the forefront of this ever growing industry since it‘s just starting.

How Did You Manage The Quantity And Quality Control?

We aim to control the quality and quantity more and more as we evolve. We ultimately want to grow, process and test everything in house. We have recently made investments to test for not only THC/CBD levels but also pesticides in the flower and concentrate products. The company that we are working with will be adapting their equipment to have testing parameters that resemble similar standards to Health Canada.

You Have Different Strains of Cannabis: Do You Think You Will Ever Have a Consistent Supply of Certain Strains?

We are still testing out what our clients want. They seem to want new choices every week so far, so we‘ll have to balance keeping the most popular strains with having variety.

What Kind of Products Do You Sell Other Than Dry Flowers?

We have all kinds of products. We have edibles such as cookies, gummies, tea, candy, hot chocolate, drink mixes. We also have accessories such as: bongs, vapes, pipes, grinders, blunts, vaporizers, scale, cannabis cigars Black Kush 18g, rolling papers. Of course, dab, hash, moon rock and more. We also have some CBD drops, CBD cream, CBD roll-ones, CBD RSO, seeds, CBD vitamins, THC bath soap, THC coconut infused oil, soda 125mg THC, wax. We have many more and we keep adding up to our store.

Are You Thinking of Expanding Your Store in The Future?

There are plants to expand to serve our clients better and have our testing facility built into the dispensary. We also have a couple more very innovative ideas that we are excited to offer to our clients in the next couple of months.

I enjoyed doing the interview with the owner and his team. I learned a lot about their business and goals. From what I see, there‘s a lot of potential coming from there and I can‘t wait to see what more they can bring to this industry.

Don’t forget to say that you got referred by MJBlog to receive 5% off your first order.

You can visit their store at 433 Rue Saint Michel, Oka, QC J0N 1E0. Also, follow them on Instagram @MedicineBox1 and visit their website.

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