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Cannabis Edibles: Chocolate Edibles

Cannabis Edibles: Chocolate Edibles Here‘s my to be continue article on cannabis edibles. Last article I spoke about the candy edibles. This time, I will talk about all kinds of yummy chocolate edibles available. Chocolate Edibles I know for a fact that there‘s a lot of chocolate lovers out there. If that‘s you, then you [...]

Cannabis Edibles: Candy Edibles

Cannabis Edibles: Candy Edibles Canada will legalize edibles on the 17th of October, 2019. Exciting news right? Their will be so many edibles available for us to enjoy. There‘s many varieties of edibles such as: candies, chocolates, drinks & foods, distillate, capsules and more. I will talk more about the different kind of edibles in [...]

MassRoots : The Biggest Cannabis Social Media Platform

MassRoots : The Biggest Cannabis Social Media Platform Have you heard about MassRoots? Are you a pot smoker? If you’re a person who is passionate about weed, you should know about MassRoots! It’s considered one of the biggest social media platform for pot smokers. Their headquarters is situated in Denver, Colorado. It’s a free app […]

How Can I Get Cheap Weed In Canada?

How Can I Get a Bargain on Weed In Canada? Greetings mates! Weed is legal and it's been a few months. Shops ran by the government are out-of-stock for the most part. They also seem a bit over priced. This gave me no choice but to begin my hunt on how I can buy discounted [...]
Athletes that smoke cannabis Cover

Athletes that Smoke Cannabis

Athletes that Smoke Cannabis Research has suggested that cannabis can benefit you in many ways. Some leagues still consider cannabis a banned substance when it comes to professional athletes. In this article, we will give you examples of how athletes and cannabis come together. Michael Phelps Michael Phelps is the most successful and most decorated [...]

Best Marijuana Fail Compilations

Best Marijuana Fail Compilations Personally, I love to watch funny videos when I’m high. There’s nothing better then laughing. Today, after a long day of work, I got home and smoked a joint. That’s when I stumbled on some funny marijuana fail compilations videos. Mostly, I’m sharing the ones that made me laugh. Hopefully, you […]

Celebrities Who’ve Been Caught With Marijuana

Many celebrities have been open about their drug usage. Most don’t even hide it. Take the famous Snoop Dogg for example, it’s widely known that he smokes marijuana all the time and is very passionate about cannabis. Celebrities are no exception, if they’re intoxicated or have any drugs on them, they have consequences. Here are […]

Marijuana Fun Facts

Marijuana Fun Facts Cannabis has been around for a very long time. Many are passionate about marijuana and some judge it too quickly. That’s only because so much stuff has been said about marijuana. Although, here are some marijuana fun facts about cannabis. Did you know? Source   Source   Source   Source   Source […]