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Banana Split Review

Banana Split Review My recent purchase from the SQDC included some Banana Split. In this article, I will be doing a Banana Split review, talking about my first impressions and experience while smoking this strain of cannabis. Banana Split Information Banana Split is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. It's a cross between Banana Sherbet and [...]

My Experience with the SQDC: Package Received

If you haven't read my article on my experience with the SQDC, I suggest you read it now, to put everything into perspective. In short, I decided to order some legal cannabis from the SQDC on Christmas Eve. In today's mail, I got a special knock at the door. Mailman asked me to show ID, [...]

Canada’s Biggest Cannabis Companies

Canada’s Biggest Cannabis Companies: Aurora Cannabis Canadian cannabis is growing in popularity as a result of legalization. In this article, we’ll feature one of Canada’s biggest cannabis companies; Aurora Cannabis. Who is Aurora Cannabis? Aurora Cannabis is a Canadian licensed cannabis producer. Its main office is found in Edmonton, Alberta. The company trades on both […]