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My Experience with the SQDC

My Experience with the SQDC With the holidays in full swing, I had some time off work and my normal routine. I decided to spoil myself and pick up some cannabis from the SQDC website. Here is my experience with the SQDC. Even though I wasn’t running low on herb, I decided to treat myself […]

SQDC Short On Stock, already?

SQDC Short on Stock, Already? SQDC Cannabis Shortage As we all know it, cannabis is legal since October 17th 2018. Although, here’s something not everyone knows! Marijuana was suppose to be legalized in 2017, but Quebec asked to have more time, and Canada granted it. Somehow the SQDC are already short on products. Yes you read […]

Ridiculous Quebec Cannabis Laws

Ridiculous Québec Cannabis Laws As we all know it, Canada has legalized cannabis on October 17th, 2018. Although, Québec is part of Canada, they have decided to be slightly different with their laws than the rest of the country. Now to be honest, some laws are common sense and some well… They could be improved! […]