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Cannabis Edibles: Chocolate Edibles

Cannabis Edibles: Chocolate Edibles Here‘s my to be continue article on cannabis edibles. Last article I spoke about the candy edibles. This time, I will talk about all kinds of yummy chocolate edibles available. Chocolate Edibles I know for a fact that there‘s a lot of chocolate lovers out there. If that‘s you, then you [...]

Cannabis Edibles: Candy Edibles

Cannabis Edibles: Candy Edibles Canada will legalize edibles on the 17th of October, 2019. Exciting news right? Their will be so many edibles available for us to enjoy. There‘s many varieties of edibles such as: candies, chocolates, drinks & foods, distillate, capsules and more. I will talk more about the different kind of edibles in [...]

Edibles Will Be Legal In Canada

Edibles Will Be Legal In Canada Will edibles ever be legal? Have you tried any yet? As we all know it, cannabis was legalized last october 2018. This time, Canada is planning to legalize edibles no later than october 17, 2019. According to the company The Arcview, by 2022, the edibles industry is expected to [...]

The Medicine Box Interview

The Medicine Box Interview For those who don‘t know, I visited The Medicine Box in Oka, Quebec and did an article about my experience there and their products. I also mentioned that The Medicine Box interview article will be coming up. Well, here it is guys! When you go there, mention you got referred by [...]

My Experience at The Medicine Box in Oka, Quebec

When I heard that weed dispensaries are opening in Oka, Quebec. Roughly 35-45 mins drive from Montreal. I had to go check it out. Especially that the SQDC is only open four days a week and don‘t have much stock. I was curious to see if Oka had more stock. My first stop was at [...]

How Can I Get Cheap Weed In Canada?

How Can I Get a Bargain on Weed In Canada? Greetings mates! Weed is legal and it's been a few months. Shops ran by the government are out-of-stock for the most part. They also seem a bit over priced. This gave me no choice but to begin my hunt on how I can buy discounted [...]

Québec Bans Selling Products With Pot Leaf, Prohibition Fights Back!

Québec Bans Selling Products With Pot Leaf, Prohibition Fights Back! After legalizing cannabis, Québec slaps us with the law of banning all products with a pot leaf design on it. That’s right! Legally, we can smoke marijuana, but not allowed to wear a simple T-Shirt with a pot leaf. So, Quebec has 31 inspectors visiting all […]

The Simpsons Predicted Cannabis Legalization Thirteen Years Ago

The Simpsons Predicted Cannabis Legalization 13 Years Ago The Simpsons The Simpsons is an animated sitcom that’s been on air on the Fox network since December, 1989. Which means, they have been on air for 30 years now, it’s pretty impressive! As a result, they won many different awards over the passed years. Suchlike, 33 Emmy awards, […]